Tuesday, 26 February 2013

London Part 2 - Ripleys

Hi :)

On friday, after myself and my sister went to LFW, we had a wander round London, and after having lunch in Leicester Square, we came across Ripleys Believe it or not museum. I had actually heard about it a few days before after seeing someone post about it on their blog, and it was just by chance that we came across it. 

Ever the lover of looking at weird things, we went in and it was amazing!
From giant rocking chairs and tiny chairs, to extra limbed animals and people with weird body parts, it was full off weird and wonderful things, and so interesting as I have such a strange fascination with looking at anything a bit weird and freaky haha!

(giant rocking chair)
(8 legged goat)
(2 headed lamb)
(fattest man)
(tallest man)
(man who had a horn grow out the back of his head -there was tonnes of others such as woman with really long neck, and other people with weird popping out body parts and extra bits and bobs)
(upside down room)
(loo roll wedding dresses)
(teeny tiny camera the height of my finger)
(tiny car that id probably fit in aha)

And finally, because I'm a lover of any type of animal dressed up....
A fox dressed up!

My favourites were definitely all the weird animals and people!
There was also a mirror maze and a laser maze - I think me and my sister had more fun with that than all the children doing it!

Have you ever been to Ripleys?

Monday, 25 February 2013

London Part 1 - LFW

Hi :) (very image heavy post!)

On friday, I was lucky enough to go to London Fashion Weekend at Somerset House. I bought the 'Shop and Catwalk (trend)' ticket. It was so good! I really enjoyed it and it was such a great experience.
First I looked round the 'shop' which was loads of different brands located round somerset house in different rooms. Then at half one I went to the catwalk show presented by Zoe Hardman (who if anyone remembers was in playing it straight haha!)

Unfortunately, (and i really regretted it) I didn't take my DSLR camera with me as I was scared of dropping it/losing it/breaking it/it getting stolen, haha so I only took my little digital camera so the pictures aren't that great :(

The first trend was Graphic Art.

(again sorry for the quality, the models walk so fast and the lighting was so bright, my little digital camera couldn't keep up) 

This trend was full of graphic and geometric prints aswell as neon colours.

The second trend was Urban Lifestyle.

(unsure why they are wearing mustaches! haha)

(yes i realise this picture is rubbish, but they had a bike on the catwalk!)

This trend was full of tailoring, blouses and shirts and my favourite look was a matching blouse and shorts geometric print set (but didn't manage to get a pic - damn those speedy models). 

The third trend was Eastern Promise.

This trend was full of oriental prints and pretty parasols (so tempted to steal one seeing as it was snowing outside).

The final trend - and my favourite of them all - was called Dolls House. It included lots of pretty floaty dresses, floral prints and floral headbands. Pastels, bright pinks and sheer was also a main element.

Definitely wish I'd taken more photos of the first two trends, (plus better ones).

Here's a quick view of where I was sitting, 2nd row woo :)

Finally, as we left, a security guard/bouncer/incharge-y man told everyone to stop walking on the catwalk, so me (left) and my sister (right) took a pic on it because we wanted to be rebels haha.

I have loads more pics but I think I've put up enough pics on this post!

Lessons learnt:
1) if you wear flats, you will look like a midget next to all the people wearing heels (especially if you're 5'4")
2) take your DSLR camera next time jen!

Sorry for how long this was, hope you liked it :)

Did anyone else go to LFW? 

Saturday, 16 February 2013

I heart studios :)


I have finally got round to blogging about an internship I did in summer 2012, now that I've finally started up my blog.

I Heart Studios in an e-commerce studio in London. I interned there for two weeks as a studio and styling assistant during july and august and really enjoyed it! I learnt alot - from assisting the stylists and assisting with shoots, to prepping garments and shot lists, and know that its something I definitely want to continue on doing. Its made me certain that that's the area of work I want to go into :)

I really enjoyed the whole experience and felt I left with lots of new knowledge, and hope that I can continue on with more internships to gain even more experience and learn many more new skills.

Friday, 15 February 2013

friday photoshoot #2


Today was nice and sunny so this afternoon myself and lizzie took a few more photos under some arches outside of uni for her blog.

Again, I used the 50mm lens. I really love the depth of field in these pictures and that I get from using this lens, Ive enjoyed testing it out and playing around with it to get shallower or deeper depths of field :)

Monday, 11 February 2013

New Lens

Hello :)

On friday, myself and my friend Lizzie decided to test out my new lens, and had a little play around testing it in the park by our uni.

The lens I used is a 50mm f1.8, and my camera is a canon 550D.

Here are some of our test shots, unedited.

(it was cold haha)
theyre a bit rough but not bad for a first try :)

We have decided to do this every friday to play around with lighting, lenses etc :)
Lizzie has also posted some of the pictures on her blog too.