Tuesday, 26 February 2013

London Part 2 - Ripleys

Hi :)

On friday, after myself and my sister went to LFW, we had a wander round London, and after having lunch in Leicester Square, we came across Ripleys Believe it or not museum. I had actually heard about it a few days before after seeing someone post about it on their blog, and it was just by chance that we came across it. 

Ever the lover of looking at weird things, we went in and it was amazing!
From giant rocking chairs and tiny chairs, to extra limbed animals and people with weird body parts, it was full off weird and wonderful things, and so interesting as I have such a strange fascination with looking at anything a bit weird and freaky haha!

(giant rocking chair)
(8 legged goat)
(2 headed lamb)
(fattest man)
(tallest man)
(man who had a horn grow out the back of his head -there was tonnes of others such as woman with really long neck, and other people with weird popping out body parts and extra bits and bobs)
(upside down room)
(loo roll wedding dresses)
(teeny tiny camera the height of my finger)
(tiny car that id probably fit in aha)

And finally, because I'm a lover of any type of animal dressed up....
A fox dressed up!

My favourites were definitely all the weird animals and people!
There was also a mirror maze and a laser maze - I think me and my sister had more fun with that than all the children doing it!

Have you ever been to Ripleys?


  1. I have never heard of this place, it looks a bit different! You look so tiny in that chair and I bet the upside down room felt strange.

  2. I definitely recommend it :)

  3. Ew it looks creepy! Loads of fun though :L